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Hukamnama 8th July 2015

The unstruck melody of the sound current resounds with the vibrations of the celestial instruments. My mind, my mind is imbued with the Love of my Darling Beloved. Night and day, my detached mind remains absorbed in the Lord, and I obtain my home in the profound trance of the celestial void. The True Guru has revealed to me the Primal Lord, the Infinite, my Beloved, the Unseen. The Lord’s posture and His seat are permanent; my mind is absorbed in reflective contemplation upon Him. O Nanak, the detached ones are imbued with His Name, the unstruck melody, and the celestial vibrations. || 1 || Tell me, how can I reach that unreachable, that unreachable city? By practicing truthfulness and self-restraint, by contemplating His Glorious Virtues, and living the Word of the Guru’s Shabad. Practicing the True Word of the Shabad, one comes to the home of his own inner being, and obtains the treasure of virtue. He has no stems, roots, leaves or branches, but He is the Supreme Lord over the heads of all. Practicing intensive meditation, chanting and self-discipline, people have grown weary; stubbornly practicing these rituals, they still have not found Him. O Nanak, through spiritual wisdom, the Lord, the Life of the world, is met; the True Guru imparts this understanding. || 2 || The Guru is the ocean, the mountain of jewels, overflowing with jewels. Take your bath in the seven seas, O my mind, and become pure. One bathes in the water of purity when it is pleasing to God, and obtains the five virtues by reflective meditation. Renouncing sexual desire, anger, deceit and corruption, he enshrines the True Name in his heart. When the waves of ego, greed and avarice subside, he finds the Lord Master, Merciful to the meek. O Nanak, there is no place of pilgrimage comparable to the Guru; the True Guru is the Lord of the world. || 3 || I have searched the jungles and forests, and looked upon all the fields. You created the three worlds, the entire universe, everything. You created everything; You alone are permanent. Nothing is equal to You. You are the Giver — all are Your beggars; without You, who should we praise? You bestow Your gifts, even when we do not ask for them, O Great Giver; devotion to You is a treasure over-flowing. Without the Lord’s Name, there is no liberation; so says Nanak, the meek. || 4 || 2 ||

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