Dear Turban

Dear Turban,
I was of age 11 when I was for the first time introduced to you.I didn’t like u too much that time, You were more of a compulsion than a choice for me.I thought I looked weird or may be funny with u.I made many excuses not to be with u initially. This continued for few years.As time passed,I got more comfortable with you. By college days,I think I started liking u.I bought more colors & new combinations .Now I felt higher in spirits and in height , with you. You became a part of my every occasion. Different style in class, different with Bhangra, different with Gatka, different when I was tired in evening and wanted to relax, but you were always there. Then I came abroad, where people looked at me differently, saw me from a distance and now recognized me from a distance.I could be identified among a million in a second. My presence or absence was felt. People ask me about you, how many colors do I have, how long, why, whats the significance etc and I feel so happy telling them. I didn’t realize when you became such an integral part of me that no one would recognize me without you, and I wouldnt imagine myself on the other side. Initially I wore you for my family, then for my religion , Now I wear it for myself. You are a constant reminder for me to stay in rising spirits, to do the right thing and do it without fear, to stand up for the right person, to keep a high moral and that everything I do, represents my religion ,my values and my faith . My Gurus announced to the world “if you need help and don’t know whom to approach, find a guy with a turban and he shall help you”. I wear you because when I wrap you around my head layer by layer,Everyday, I remember my duty to live nobly, keep up the respect of my family and religion.You have given me a different life I think I am in deep love with you and may this love keep growing every day, every year,every generation

Turban on my head, full grown beard .Striving for truth, the way I should.When we come through, everybody’s gotta move.I got nothing to prove, I’m with my waheguru
Everybody’s looking Who’s That.I’m a sikh, move back
Forever a sikh, I’m born to rule
My mind khalsa & my heart waheguru.



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      Amandeep Singh says

      As a young Sikh who was not forced to wear a turban by parents but now see’s it’s significance to my appearance as a Sikh this article brings warmth to my heart and is very inspirational. Our ancestors sacrificed so much for the right to wear a turban, we should do so with pride and honour.

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