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Hukamnama 27th August 2015


imageTODAY’S HUKAMNAMA FROM SRI DARBAR SAHIB Sri Amritsar. [August 27, 2015, Thursday 05:00 AM. IST]

English Translation : RAAG SOOHEE, FIRST MEHL, KUCHAJEE ~ THE UNGRACEFUL BRIDE: ONE UNIVERSAL CREATOR GOD. BY THE GRACE OF THE TRUE GURU: I am ungraceful and ill-mannered, full of endless faults. How can I go to enjoy my Husband Lord? Each of His soul-brides is better than the rest — who even knows my name? Those brides who enjoy their Husband Lord are very blessed, resting in the shade of the mango tree. I do not have their virtue — who can I blame for this? Which of Your Virtues, O Lord, should I speak of? Which of Your Names should I chant? I cannot even reach one of Your Virtues. I am forever a sacrifice to You. Gold, silver, pearls and rubies are pleasing. My Husband Lord has blessed me with these things, and I have focused my thoughts on them. Palaces of brick and mud are built and decorated with stones; I have been fooled by these decorations, and I do not sit near my Husband Lord. The cranes shriek overhead in the sky, and the herons have come to rest. The bride has gone to her father-in-law’s house; in the world hereafter, what face will she show? She kept sleeping as the day dawned; she forgot all about her journey. She separated herself from her Husband Lord, and now she suffers in pain. Virtue is in You, O Lord; I am totally without virtue. This is Nanak’s only prayer: You give all Your nights to the virtuous soul-brides. I know I am unworthy, but isn’t there a night for me as well? || 1 || th th Thursday 11 Bhaadon (Samvat 547 Nanakshahi) 27 August, 2015 (Page: 762)

Chandoa Sahib At Shri Harmandir Sahib ji as on 27th August 2015


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