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Did you know Guru Hargoboind ji faced six battles with Mughals?

All the six battles were won by Guruji. Please read below to know about first battle.

One day the Sikhs were hunting in a forest, they reached the same place where the members of the royal family were hunting. One hawk of the royal party fell into the hands of the Sikhs. When the royal party asked the Sikhs to return the hawk they refused. The members of the royal party said “We will inform the Governor of Lahore about this and you will face the consequences”. The Sikhs replied “We are not afraid of anybody, you can do what you like.”

The royal hunters complained about this to Kuleej Khan, the Governor of Lahore, they told him “If today they can dare to snatch a hawk, tomorrow they will try to grab the royal crown”. Hearing this Kuleej Khan lost his temper and appointed Mukhlis Khan the commander of 7,000 men, he was asked to attack the Sikhs and annihilate them completely. When Guru Ji heard about this he asked his Sikhs to get ready to face the enemy. The marriage of Bibi Viro the daughter of Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji, had been fixed and was only two days away. So Guru Ji shifted the venue of the marriage to Jhabal, 7 miles south east of Amritsar and sent Adi Granth Ji, Non-combatants and his family to Jhabal.

First battle was fought at Pipli Sahib, the Sikhs fought so bravely that the royal army were forced to retreat. The Sikhs then went to the fort of Lohgarh, the gate was closed. Mukhlis Khan then besieged the fort. When the sun had set, the royal army camped out the fort. When the Sikhs found out that the royal army was resting outside without any fear, they took the stone cannon and fired a shower of stones on the enemy. The royal army became confused seeing the large attack of stones. The royal army thought that they were save right next to the fort but the Sikh taught them a lesson not to mock the Sikhs, a large number of soldiers were seriously hurt while the rest ran away to a safe place.

In the morning the army attacked the fort, the stone cannon was used again. The army could not reach the wall of the fort and ran back. Mukhlis Khan howled “Beware! Take heart, you are afraid of this bunch of fakirs. You are Mughals the rulers of this country, come back and kill these cowards”.

Bhai Bhanu (commander-in-chief of the Guru’s army) and Shams Khan (one of the chiefs of the imperial army) then fought each other. Bhai Bhanu killed the horse of Shams Khan with an arrow. Bhai Bhanu then dismounted his horse and fought Shams Khan in a single combat. Bhai Bhanu told Shams Khan, “I will not allow you to escape now.” Shams Khan replied, “Defend yourself, I am going to strike.” Bhai Bhanu received the sword on his shield, and putting forward all his force, beheaded Shams Khan with one blow. The royal army seeing their commander slain, rushed to Bhai Bhanu and surrounded him from all sides. He cut down the enemy as if they were radishes. At last he was struck by two bullets which passed through his body and the brave commander of the Guru’s army left for Sach Khand.

Painde Khan, taking command of the army came out of the fort. Bhai Bidhi Chand, Painde Khan and Bhai Jati Mal along with the Sikhs caused great havoc in the royal army. Guru Ji was also fight the enemy and was killing the enemy like a lion attacking sheep and goats. Painde Khan was successfully commanding the army when he challenged Didar Ali a close associate of Mukhlis Khan and last surviving top member of the royal army (apart from Mukhlis Khan). Painde Khan with his first blow killed Didar Ali.

Mukhlis Khan becoming enraged rushed towards Guru Ji. Guru Ji shot an arrow and killed the horse of Mukhlis Khan, who then said “Let you and me now decide the fight by single combat, and none else approach.” Guru Ji then dismounted his horse and told the Sikhs to stand aside. Guru Ji then said, “Show me your skill and strike the first blow.” Mukhlis Khan’s first blow was avoided by swift movement; the next blow fell on Guru Ji’s shield. The Guru then warned, “You have made two strokes. Now it is my turn.” With one powerful blow Guru Ji cut through his shield and his body in the flash of an eye.

When the army saw that Mukhlis Khan had been killed, they ran away, though some held their ground were killed by Bhai Bidhi Chand, Painde Khan and Bhai Jati Mal. Guru Ji told his Sikhs not to chase the running army. After the battle was complete and the drums of victory were joyously sounded. The battle was extended to a distance of about 4 miles to the south of Amritsar and a Gurdwara was erected to commemorate the Guru’s victory. A fair is held every year on this spot.

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