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Dasvandh – Teachings of Our Guru Sahib Imbibed by this Singh

In Bihar’s capital there is hospital called Patna Medical Hospital which has a ward called Laawaris (Abandoned) ward. Here you have patients who don’t have to go back to anyone as they have been left out by their family. There is no one interested to see & pray for their wellbeing. Situation of the ward is inhumane to say the least. They are in extreme pain both physical and emotional.

Everyday night at 9pm one man enters this ward with food and medicine for these people for last 22 years and the first question he asks them- Are you in pain?

Food and medicine is secondary, what Gurmeet Singh provides is some love and dignity. In the cloth shop whatever five brothers earn they put 10% everyday to bring the food and medicine.

He hasn’t taken a vacation in the last 22 years and reason is simple – I can’t Abandon the abandoned.

Patients treat them as God but he says he is a simple mortal and just trying to lessen the unbearable pain of those who don’t have anyone beside them.

Gurmeet Singh, you are an inspiration to us. Your unflinching love and ‘SEVA’ for the poor is what makes you extraordinary. may God give you more strengths and we all learn from you that – A life dedicated to others’ experience real happiness.

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