PIR BHIKAN SHAH was the first to recognise Guru Gobind Singh ji


Pir Bhikhan Shah lived in village Thaska in District Karnal, now in Haryana. A Sayyed, on the day that Guru Gobind Rai was born at Patna, Bhikan Shah did something that shocked the Muslims around him. That morning when everyone else was doing Namaaz in the direction of Mecca, the Pir made a deep and respectful bow towards East in the direction of Patna. His Muslim disciples and village people were surprised and agitated because the Muslims of India always bow towards the West, in the direction of Mecca.

They asked the Pir, the purpose of his strange act. Then Sayyed replied, “On this day, a beloved of God has been born who will be both a saint hero. He has taken birth to destroy evil, sin and falsehood, will fight for the cause of virtue, and truth. I will go to that sacred place to see this holy child.”

Pir Bhikham Shah left for Patna with his disciples and servants. Arriving at Patna, Pir went to the house where Gobind Rai was born, after a respectful bow, he sat down near the door of the house. When asked what he wanted and why he was sitting there, the Pir said, “I have come from a far off place to be blessed by having a look at the holy child. Mata Gujri when informed of the arrival of the Faqir and his intention, hesitatingly made some excuses but the Pir was adamant and implored that his wish be granted. He told that having traveled for many days covering hundreds of miles, he would not go away, neither eat nor drink till his wish was granted. The Pir was at last permitted to see the child.

On seeing the child, the Faqir respectfully made a deep bow after which he offered two earthen pots containing sweetmeats. The Pir had purchased one pot from a Muslim and the second from a Hindu. After placing both the pots containing sweets before Gobind Rai, the Pir sat down with folded hands and looking at the child, Gobind Rai placed his left hand on one of the pots and his right hand on the other pot. The child then smiled and looked at the pir who made a long and deeper bow to the holy child.

The followers of the Pir had watched as the child touched both bowls at the same moment, but why had their Pir offered two bowls instead of one? The Pir explained that he had wanted to know whether this holy child would favour the Hindus or the Musalmaan; he explained, “I had placed the pots of sweets before the child, thinking that if he put his hand on the pot of Sweets from the Hindu shop, he would favour the Hindus, but if he placed his hand on the pot of sweets from the Muslim shop he would favor the Muslims. But the holy child wisely touched both pots showing me that both the Hindus and Muslims are equally dear to him. As he grows older he will help Hindus and Muslims whenever they are in need of his help.

The Pir further said that he was immensely impressed and pleased with this act of the Holy child. The Pir, his disciples and servants then returned to his home and remained a steadfast supporter of the Guru for his entire life.