Gurudwara Reetha Sahib JI

Gurudwara Reetha Sahib is situated in village Champawat, Uttrakhand .Meetha Reetha Sahib was constructed around year 1960 and is situated near the village Deyuri in Uttrakhand at the confluence of the Lodhiya and Ratiya rivers. Guru Nanak Dev Ji visited this place with Bhai Mardana Ji. There were Jogis sitting under the reetha(soapnut) trees. Guru Nanak Dev ji sat under a reetha tree and asked Bhai Mardana Ji to eat a reetha. Reethas are usually bitter in taste but the reetha which Guru Nanak Dev Ji plucked for Bhai Mardana Ji was sweet. Jogis were surprised by all this and later they come to know that on which side Guru Nanak Dev Ji was sitting all the reethas has become sweet. These trees are still there in the Gurudwara and the reethas are still said to be sweet in taste. This is the reason why this place is called Meetha Reetha Sahib.

A soapnut tree (not the original one) is still here and pilgrims are given prasad of sweet soapnuts. However, the common belief that the nuts of only the one branch, under which the Guru had sat, are sweet is not true. Nor are all the nuts given as prasad from this one tree. About ten kilometers from the Grudwara, there is a tract of land where such trees are grown and their fruit is collected and brought to replenish the Gurdwara’s stock of prasad. It is called Nanak Bagichi (lit. Nanak’s garden).

Due to its religious background this place is considered as a holy place for Sikhs. The temple of Devnath is also located beside the Gurudwara. On Baisakhi purnima, Sikh fair is held in this Gurudwara as this place is very sacred.