What is Guru Kripa?

What is Guru Kripa?
A wonderful answer!

Money, luxury houses, expensive cars and wealth are not the blessings of Guru.

In this life, many crisis and calamities that disappear without our knowledge, that is Guru-Kripa.

Sometimes, we somehow escape falling, and balance despite the crowded space, on the journey. The balance that saved us from falling, is the grace of Guru.

Whenever it is difficult to get a meal at a time, still we get to eat full of food, That is Guru-Kripa.

When you are buried under the burden of many difficulties, still you feel the strength to face them, That strength is the grace of Guru.

When you’re just about to give up and think it’s over. Then, at that very moment, you begin to see a ray of hope and you get ready for the struggle again, That hope is Guru-Kripa.

When all your relatives leave you alone in times of trouble, a teacher-brother (a friend or a sibling who believes in a teacher) comes and says to you- “You go ahead, we are with you”. The courageous words of that Guru-Bandhu are the blessings of Guru.

When you are at the peak of success, full of money and happiness, even at that moment you feel grounded and humble, That is Guru-Kripa.

Having money, wealth and success alone is not Guru-Krupa, but when you don’t have these things, you still feel happy, satisfied and blessed. That is Guru-Kripa.