Baba Budha Ji

When Mata Ganga, the wife of the fifth Sikh Guru desired the blessings of a son from her husband, Guru Arjan Dev Ju, suggested that she pay a visit to Baba Buddha ji to ask for the gift. Mata ji got delecious food prepared by her attendees and visited Baba Ji at this venue with great pomp. But Baba ji refused to accept the food. Later Mata ji herself prepared a simple and basic meal of “missi roti and pyaag” (basic Indian bread and onion) and visited Baba ji.
BABA BHUDA JI blessed Mata ji by telling her that her son would be a great warrior and he will crush the tyrants head as he simultaneously crushed the onion with a clinched fist. Consequently, Mata ji and Guru Arjan Dev Ji were blessed with just one son who later became the sixth Sikh Guru, Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji

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