SEWA by sikh brothers during Haryana riots

This is what a Hindu brother, Mr PK Jain posted on his Facebook wall regarding his experience with Sikhs in last few days. I am sure you will feel proud of our brothers and sisters working tirelessly for serving people after reading this.

Dear all family n friends
I was at Karnal Haryana n got fixed into there for around 4 days on highway due to Jaat andolan.
Approx 5000 people were there helpless, with family kids and elderly people and nowhere to go in cold.
Then there came on highways many Sikhs with their families,served milk,water,food and they took us to their Gurudwaras at Panipat.
They gave shelter to everybody(more than 5000 people) from small kids, young girls, boys and elders. They prepared n served food n arranged for good hospitality. We asked for any sort of help, even medicines and they provided. Shops were opened for blankets.Warm blankets, food, tea. milk was served continuously without asking anybody their cast n creed.

I regret to say that we talk a lot about ‘karuna’ n charity, n moral values.
Do we do charity without discriminating between cast n creed.
Let’s learn a few things from the great community of Sikhs.
I salute there spirit.
I m greatly humbled n feel cherished to have been there with these great people.
This is my life time eye opening experience.

Don’t have words to express the gratitude.
PK jain