Nanak Dukhiyan Sab Sansaar ,So Sukhiya Jin Naam adhaar..!!

Nanak Dukhiyan Sab Sansaar ,So Sukhiya Jin Naam adhaar..!!
This whole world is ridden with Sorrow.But a person who prays to God through faith can feel the true happiness !!
Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji explain us that how everyone in the world is unhappy and depressed throughout their life by giving reasons about some very mortal things such money, property, relations, expectations, kids, etc. No one is satisfied even if they are billionaires or poor.
For that guru ji declares :

Bali rove nahi bhattar, Nanak dukhiya sab sansar”.
Its realy true no one is happy, each one of us have our own set of grievances .

It is further elaborated , a women (bali) weeps when her husband (bhataar) is no more. But Guru sahib Ji also tell us even if everyone gets everything they wish,still they will be unhappy because the reasons explained by us (humans)to be unhappy are not the real reasons. These reasons are not true.The unhappiness actually comes from the agyanta (darkness of mind). All we need to do is to lighten the lamp of our mind.